How May I Serve You?

Photography, Graphic Design, Website Services and Productivity Coaching…
There might be something in my portfolio that matches your creative personal, business or community needs:

Monterey Peninsula Photography
I have an abundance of photos that would make great 5×7 Greeting Cards! I am happy to know what makes your heart swing; what are you looking for:


Graphic Design
A free $60 gift for you: As of right now I am offering you a customized back-side for your Greeting cards, if you order $100 or more in cards.

Your customized greeting cards are a unique high-quality, high-impact marketing tool.

This offer assumes that we communicate via email, in a timely manner to get you setup. If you require more intense attention and care then I am available @ $60 per hour in person, in Pacific Grove, to tailor to your unique needs and requirements.


Services for the Internet Age
Please contact me in case you are interested in your own peace of mind; in case demands, distractions and frequent shifts in priorities and focus become challenging for you.

I am offering a unique service, which I call Productivity Coaching. It is much easier than it sounds, but it is powerful and has long-lasting effects, including health benefits due to stress-reduction.

We will discover areas in your daily operations where you seem to waste your precious energy, then we will put a simple system in place which will help you to maneuver with confidence through your days giving care and attention to the uncounted details, commitments and needs of your business and personal life. Life is precious!

If you are motivated and self-directed then 1-3 hours can make already a great difference in your daily operations and well-being.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me!
Life is about sharing and helping each other.